Personal Umbrella Insurance

umbrellaCover Yourself with Extra Liability Protection

Your homeowners and auto insurance include liability protection, which provides you with a legal defense and coverage for judgments or settlements if someone sues you for personal injuries. But is that enough to protect your existing assets – and your future ones?

Unfortunately, our society seems to be growing more litigious, and the professionals we help insure can be targets of lawsuits because they are believed to have “deep pockets.” That’s why it’s important to add a personal umbrella policy to your insurance protection. With this coverage, you can add liability protection to your existing coverage relatively inexpensively. Personal umbrella coverage can also cover some liability losses from personal activity that your other policies may not cover, such as slander, libel, and defamation of character.

Working with the companies we represent, we can help you obtain extra liability coverage, ranging from $1,000,000 to $10,000,000. The insurance company will require you to carry certain levels of liability protection on your homeowners, auto, and boat or recreational vehicles if you own them in order to purchase umbrella coverage.


Why Purchase or Raise the Limit of Your Umbrella Coverage?

  • You have a pool.

  • You have a dog.

  • You have children who have friends come over to play at your house.

  • You frequently have guests in your home.

  • You frequently carpool with non-family members.

  • You have teenage or inexperienced drivers in your home.

  • You have a long commute.

  • You are a high-income earner, or are in a profession that people believe results in a high income.

  • You own multiple properties.

  • You have accumulated assets.

  • You have other factors that put you at a higher risk for being sued.

(Information provided is a summary only. For complete terms and limitations, please refer to the applicable

Certificate or Policy of Insurance. Specimen copies available upon request.)

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