Hospital Indemnity Insurance

hospitalWhat is Hospital Indemnity Insurance?

Hospital Indemnity Insurance pays you a daily benefit for each day that you are hospitalized, starting with the first day of hospitalization. Benefits are paid regardless of other insurance and can be used any way you wish. This benefit can be used for the added expenses that come with hospitalization (uncovered medical expenses and co-pays, lost income, transportation expenses, etc).

This benefit can also be helpful for customers whose health insurance is a high-deductible plan, which is increasingly common. There is no medical underwriting required to obtain this coverage. The Hospital Indemnity plans we offer are underwritten by the Life Insurance Company of Boston & New York (Athol Springs, New York).


The Sellers & Co. Advantage

Our agency administers the Hospital Indemnity Programs we offer for Physicians, Attorneys, and Civil Service employees. That means that you will receive personalized service directly from our agency – including at time of claim if you are hospitalized.

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Physicians    Attorneys    Civil Service


Physician Endorsed and Trust

County of Erie & City of Buffalo
Attorneys (NYCCCBA)