Coverage for Physicians & Their Families

Chubb Group of Insurance Companies (Chubb) - Medical Society Endorsed

Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance - Brochure - Application  (CJS-BCHPADEN)

Chubb Group of Insurance Companies (Chubb) - Individual

 Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurnace - Brochure - Application (CJS-BCHPADIN)

ING / ReliaStar Life Insurance Company of New York

Group Annual Term Life Insurance - Brochure-Application  (CJS-BRSPGA)

Group Level Term Life Insurance - Brochure-Application  (CJS-BRSPGL)

Life Insurance Company of Boston & New York (LICOBNY) - Medical Society Endorsed

Disability Income Insurance - Brochure-Application - END  (CJS-BLIPDIEN)

Business Overhead Insurance - Brochure-Application - END  (CJS-BLIPOOEN)

Life Insurance Company of Boston & New York (LICOBNY) - Individual

Disability Income Insurance - Brochure-Application - IND  (CJS-BLIPDIIN)

Business Overhead Insurance - Brochure-Application - IND  (CJS-BLIPOOIN)

  • "Recently I have had to use your disability insurance. The process was smooth and swift - the personnel were responsive and caring."

    AF, Physician, New York, NY

  • "I also have disability policies with some other companies, and I would like to emphasize that the caring and consideration afforded me by the Sellers Agency was markedly better."

    SB, Physician, Brightwaters, NY

  • "I had to use the Benefits once, and Your Company is unreal! The best experience I've ever had!…You people are there before and after!!"

    GN, Civil Service Employee, Corfu, NY

  • You are very efficient, courteous, and pleasant to deal with. Don’t change!”

    SM, Physician, New York, NY

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