Civil Service Disability

Benefits of your Disability Income Protection Program for Employees of the County of Erie and City of Buffalo:

Renewal Security

Coverage is guaranteed to renew as long as:

  • You are an eligible Employee under age 75
  • Working full-time at your occupation, and
  • Your employer sponsors this plan.
    (Conversion policy available).

Benefit Amounts Available   
Full-time employees can purchase coverage up to 50% of their annual earned income up to:
Under age 50 - $5,000/Month* ($60,000/yr.)
Age 50-54 - $1,500/Month ($18,000/yr.)
Age 55 & Over - Renewals Only
(Based on Health & Financial Underwriting)

Benefits Increased by 15% At No Extra Charge for Insureds Under Age 60

Premiums Paid Through Convenient Payroll Deduction

Benefit Period

Benefits Payable for One Year for Sickness. On the job Accident coverage is included for insureds whose duties are exclusively office or clerical. For all others, please request details. For Off the Job Accidents:  If prior to age 60, benefits payable for lifetime; if between ages 60 and 63, to Age 65.  For later ages, see policy for details.

Choice of Five Waiting Periods

0 days accident / 7 days sickness, 30, 60, 90, or 180 days


To apply, you must be under age 55 and your application must be acceptable to the Insurance Company, including satisfactory evidence of insurability.  

Reasonable Rates

Underwritten by Life Insurance Company of Boston & New York (Athol Springs, New York)

Employees eligible for line-of-duty pay may only purchase the policy without occupational coverage. City of Buffalo Police, Firemen and Teachers are not eligible to participate.