Workers Compensation Insurance

Coverage for Your Employees Injured on the Job  

workmen compWorkers' Compensation provides benefits to your employees for employment-related accidents and sickness, on a no-fault basis. Most employers are required to purchase Workers' Compensation insurance under New York State law. Workers' Compensation provides a loss of earnings benefit, which can be paid for permanent total, permanent partial, temporary total, or temporary partial disability. There is a 7 day waiting period for loss-of-wage benefits. If the employee is out for more than 14 days, loss-of-wage benefits are retroactive to the first day.

In addition, Workers' Compensation provides for medical and surgical expenses with no waiting period, per the Workers' Compensation fee schedule. Death benefits of up to $1500.00 are payable for funeral expense for an individual who is killed on the job. Benefits are also payable to a deceased worker's spouse and dependent children in the event of a job-related death.

You also purchase Employer’s Liability coverage with a Workers’ Compensation policy. This helps protect your business if it is sued by your employees or their family members in connection with an on-the-job illness or injury.

For our physician and attorney customers, we find that the Hartford Workers’ Compensation program provides excellent coverage and value. The Hartford offers the following advantages:

Experienced claims service, which can help your employee to return to work as soon as reasonably possible.

For physician practices, The Hartford Workers' Compensation program includes special benefits for needle-stick injuries to employees. The program pays for both the initial cost of testing your employee and reimburses the initial cost of testing the source patient.

The Hartford offers a pay-as-you-go billing solution – XactPAY Xpress – to help your practice manage cash flow. This reduces large premium down payments, eliminates billing charges, and lessens audit surprises, since premium is based on actual payroll. 

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Workers' Compensation Needle Stick Coverage

(Information provided is a summary only. For complete termsand limitations, please refer to the applicable Certificate or Policy of Insurance. Specimen copies available upon request.)